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The Operation Standard of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant is a hot product of Beston Machinery, which can do great help to the road construction of urban and rural areas. Here, we want to introduce the operation specifications of our LB asphalt batching plants for sale.

Firstly, the preparation. Heat the asphalt pump half an hour and asphalt pool 2 hours in advance. Try all parts of the operation equipment and the lifting hopper manually. Check whether the valves can work well or not, and the preheated asphalt pipelines and measuring barrel should work properly.

Secondly, start the machine. Close the asphalt pump after half an hour heating and start mixing. Then, start the air compressor and the motor of dust collector. Start the main oil pump and the drying drum after manual operation.

beston LB asphalt mixing plant

Third, the production process. Dry the drum, feed and mix materials in order. With high automation, our LB asphalt mixing plants can realize continuous production through computer control. Users just need to click the buttons, and the whole production process will be easily finished.

Fourth, the shutdown. Close the main oil pump and high-pressure diesel pump. Turn off other running parts and keep the drying drum, draft fan and blower in running condition. Clean the asphalt pump, pipelines and asphalt metering barrel, and turn off electricity after cooling down the drum.

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