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The Operation and Maintenance of the Drying Drum of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Drying drum is one of the most important parts of an asphalt batching plant china, which is designed for aggregate heating and drying in the production process. The correct operation and maintenance of the drying drum can greatly improve its performance, prolonging its service life and reduce costs. Here, we will check details as the followings:

  1. Pay attention to the daily inspection

Check whether all bolts of the equipment have been tightened or not, and whether all keys have been reliably entered, if not, users should repair it immediately after stopping the equipment. Then, it is important to adjust all parts of the equipment with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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  1. The correct operation method

After starting the machine, it is vital to adopt manually manipulation at the very beginning, and they should switch to the automatic control mode after achieving the required production capacity and the discharging temperature.

  1. Daily maintenance

When the device is stopped, the aggregate can’t stay in the drying cylinder, and users should clean the drum every day after operation. In addition, the drying tube support ring should be evenly located on the supporting rollers to avoid the wear and tear of the equipment. It is also important to undergo daily lubrication of the device to ensure smooth operation and ensure productivity.

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