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The Installation Methods of Large-scale Asphalt Mixing Plant

At present, the assembly and installation technology of large-scale asphalt mixing plant in the construction of high-grade highway has been gradually improved. In order to improve the working efficiency, users need to be familiar with the selection and matching model of large-scale mixing plant and its auxiliary equipment.

Along with the unceasing changing of highway construction, investors need to adopt the advanced production equipment according to the time development request. Intermittent asphalt mixing equipment is currently widely used as a road construction equipment with simple operation, high efficiency and so on. Staffs that are in charge of machine installation must master the following steps:

  1. The foundation and equipment installation

The location of asphalt mixing plant should be totally reasonable, and it is best to stay away from the residents of the living area and farmland. Before installing the equipment, users should debug the plant and check whether there is any scratches or wear and tear. In addition, users should also lubricate the plant with the established bearing.

LB asphalt batch mixing plant

  1. Careful Inspection and Rule Out

Second, the technical staff must confirm that the whole plant and its electric system are normal in the inspection process, if there is abnormal condition, users must be timely check it to rule out security risks. As the mixing station involves a lot of material, all the resources should be around to achieve normal production, and users should take this into account.

The installation of stationary or mobile asphalt plant is a complex work, and there are many factors to consider. We will continue this discussion next time, and please feel free to contact us or E-mail us if you are interested in our asphalt mixing plant.

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