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The Dust Collector of Asphalt Mixing Plant

The dust collector of asphalt mixing plant is a new and high efficiency pulse bag filter. It has the advantages of large air volume, high purification efficiency, small footprint, small wear of filter bag, long service life, simple replacement and convenient maintenance. It adopts the pulse countercurrent blow-off and cleaning, and its electric control system adopts the sequence controller, which has very reliable performance. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, non-ferrous casting, mine, asphalt concrete industry, cement, electricity, carbon black, grain processing, temperature and high temperature dust purification and recycling of gas in industrial and mining enterprises and so on.

Features and Advantages of Dust Collector

  1. Our stationary or small mobile asphalt plant adopts the pulse cleaning, which is the best cleaning method now. The box is divided into eighteen unconnected compartments and communicated with a long venturi, which uses programmed pulses to purge dust. In the structure, it eliminates the injection tube and the small venturi at the top of the filter bag, it has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. In the partition, the flower plate of the box pressed into a certain cone-shaped hole, so that it can form a smooth surface contact with the filter bag, and it is reduced the wear of the hole and filter bag.
  3. The dust collector of our mini asphalt plant has simple and reasonable structure, small footprint, and it can be installed in indoor and outdoor. Users can choose the type or parallel combination according to its production process, the size of deal with air flow, and we also provide carbon steel or stainless steel od dust collector to user, if need.

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Working Principle of Dust Collector

From the air inlet to the bag filter, the dust-laden gas is filtered through the outer surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas flows from the inside of the filter bag to the upper chambers, finally it is discharged from the long venturi to the air outlet. When a certain value is reached, the dust adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag is pulse-injected by the program control timing, that is, the high-pressure air is sprayed into the long venturi tube and the purified gas is blown back into the filter bag to make a large pressure, the dust swept the dust to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The dust blown down to the bottom of the box, and then it is discharged and recovered by the screw conveyor.

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