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The Daily Maintenance of Drying System of Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Generally speaking, users should pay attention to the routine inspection of asphalt drum mix plants to ensure the smooth production in the operation process, and Beston Group will analyze it carefully to help global customers.

  1. The Routine Inspection

The drying cylinder of asphalt plant has been tested and inspected at the factory before selling, but it may be changed during the shipment to the site. A thorough inspection should be carried out before using, and users should check that the tightening condition of all bolts, and whether all the drives are adjusted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. All piping connections should be correct, and the fittings should be safe and reliable. Start the motor and check whether all parts can be rotated in the correct direction of rotation, and the pressure gauge should be working properly, and the safety valve is also adjusted at the correct pressure.

asphalt batching plant china

asphalt batching plant china

  1. The correct method of operation

After starting the machine, it is recommended to manually control the equipment at the very beginning, and then convert to automatic control mode after achieving the required production capacity and discharging temperature. The aggregate should be dried and, as far as possible, have a constant moisture content to maintain a constant final temperature when the aggregate flows through the drying cylinder. If the aggregate sent to the drying cylinder of mobile asphalt plant for sale is often changed and the water content of each batch is also changed, the burner should be adjusted to compensate for these changes.

  1. Reasonable Maintenance

When the equipment is not running, the aggregate is not allowed to remain in the drying cylinder. At the end of each day, users should remove the aggregate out in the drying cylinder. When the aggregate in the cylinder is discharged, the burner should be closed and cooled for about 30 minutes, which will minimize the effect of deformation or linear operation to the machine.

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