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The Composition of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Stabilized soil mixing plant is a commonly used construction equipment, which has great importance in the construction of modern roads, bridges, buildings and so on. Generally speaking, stabilized soli mixing plant mainly consists of material weighting system, conveying system, storage system, host and control system. Then, let’s check details together.

  1. Material weighing system

Materials weighing system is a key component of stabilized soil mixing plants for sale, which can greatly affect the quality of final products and production costs, and it is mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder and liquid weighing.

stabilized soil mixing plant for sale

  1. The material conveying system

Material conveying consists of belt and hopper delivery at present. Advantages bucket elevator is a small footprint, simple structure. Belt conveying is featured by long transporting distance, high efficiency and low failure rate. In contrast, belt conveying has the advantages of compact structure and small occupancy.

  1. Material Storage System

It is used to store all kinds of material, such as sand, aggregate, concrete, and so on, which can make full preparation for the production at the very beginning.

  1. The host

The host is one of the most important parts of the stabilized soli mixing plant china.

  1. Control System:

Convenient control of the device makes the production much easier and more efficient, which saves lots of time, costs and labors.

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