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The Composition and Technical Characteristics of The Drying System

Asphalt drum mixing plant is basically composed of a number of systems, and one of those systems is the drying system, and it is responsible for removing the moisture in the material and make it in the dry state, which is closely related to the final mixing effect. For users it is necessary to grasp the basic technical characteristics of drying system since it is so important.

Thanks to the drying system, the aggregate can be heated and dried to reach the corresponding temperature. In order to rule out the moisture in the aggregate, the drying system must provide a certain amount of heat constantly in order to convert the moisture into water vapor.

The main body of the drying system is a drying drum, which is designed as a rotating drum with long cylindrical cylinder. When the material comes out of the material belt, it enters the drum directly from the feeding tank, and then it is heated with the burner directly.

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In order to prevent the negative impact on the cylinder by high temperature, Beston sand dryer adopts strong heat and wear resistant boiler plate to ensure that the thermal expansion before and after heating are consistent with the basic drying device of asphalt mixing equipment.

In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the drying drum, it is necessary for users to restrict the air from entering the drying cylinder from the drum and the inlet and outlet tanks as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to use a suitable sealing form to reduce the occurrence of air leakage. What deserves to be mentioned is that when the asphalt mixing equipment is in working state, it is not allowed to adjust the sealing device to avoid danger.

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