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The Basic Operation Tips of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt mixing plant is also called as asphalt concrete mixing station, which has rich application in the mass production of asphalt mixtures in modern society. In accordance with the mixing method, it can be divided into intermittent and continuous asphalt drum mix plant. In accordance with the transportation mode, it can be divided into stationary, semi-stationary and mobile bitumen mixing plants.

What are the safety precautions of asphalt mixing plants? What factors that users should pay attention to in daily operation? Beston Machinery will explain it with details.

Firstly, users should dress properly at work. The staff should wear overalls at work, and operators should wear a safety helmet in outside work. It is totally forbidden to wear slippers at work.

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Secondly, the operators in the control room should pull the horn before starting the machine to warn that the non-related personal should leave immediately. Operators should start the machine after ensuring the safety of all operators. Besides that, users can’t repair the machine randomly in operation, and they are allowed to repair the machine after ensuring safety.

And also, operators should fasten the safety belt when working at elevated locations. In the feeding process, users should pay attention to the workers behind or around the forklift. Operators also should focus on the feeding speed and location to avoid the collision of devices.

All in all, regular checking and inspection of asphalt mixing plants can greatly improve the performance and prolong the service life of your machine. So, inspect and maintain timely in manual operation.

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