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Technical Parameters of Asphalt Mixing Plants

LB series are the most commonly seen asphalt mixing plant. There are many types of LB series asphalt batching plants at home and abroad. Beston Machinery is a reliable asphalt drum mix plants manufacturer in china, which has high adaptability, good performance, long service life and high productivity. The main technical parameters of our asphalt mixing plants china are as the followings:

  1. Standard Working Condition

Theologically speaking, asphalt mixing plants should work under the temperature of 20 degrees. Water content of cooled aggregates should be between 5 percent.

  1. Structure Types

According to manufacturing techniques, asphalt mixing plants can be divided into batch mixing plants and continuous proportioning plants. And according to transportation modes, they can be divided into stationary asphalt mixing plants and portable asphalt mixing plants.

  1. Working Period

Productivity of an asphalt mixing plant depends on mixing tanker’s volume and working period. And working period means the time from last charging procedure to next charging procedure. Generally speaking, the working period of batch mixing plant is 45 seconds.

Beston LB asphalt mixing plant


  1. Productivity

Productivity shows the total amount of asphalt produced per hour.

  1. Installed Power

Installed power means the rated power of all electrical components.

  1. Oil Consumption

Oil consumption means the total oil consumption when the mixer produce 1 ton of qualified asphalt.

  1. Exhaust Emission Standard

Exhaust emission standard contains polluted discharge concentration and polluted discharge blackness. According to national standard, dust emission concentration should be less than 100mg cubic meter.

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