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Small Mobile Asphalt Plant

Small mobile asphalt plant has the same performance as other asphalt plants, and it distinguishes with others by its small occupancy, flexible movement, high adaptability and delicate appearance. Along with the mushroom growth of economy and secondary areas, it has resulted in a big increase in asphalt mixtures. Obviously, there are lots of small portable asphalt plants manufacturers at home and abroad, but not all of them can entirely live up to your expectations. At the same time, lots of customers know little about the differences of different kinds of asphalt plants, which makes it harder for them to purchase the appropriate asphalt production equipment. With the call of times and customers, our company began its own journey gradually.

small mobile asphalt plant image

After years of accumulation, our company has obtained the praise and recognition of customers all over the world. By now, we have professional machine innovating team and sophisticated manufacturing workers, which communicate and cooperate with each other to produce customer-favored small portable asphalt plants for sale. Honestly speaking, our small mobile asphalt plants have distinct advantages with reasonable price, high-quality products, good after-sale service and installation guidance. We warmly welcome your visit if you have the interest.

Features and Advantages:

  1. Our machine adopts the modular design, which makes the transportation and installation of the equipment much more convenient.
  2. It has simple organization, novel appearance, compact structure, reasonable design, easy handling and maintenance.
  3. It has low working noises, low energy consumption, and easy operation, which can save lots of time, labor and costs.
  4. The special design of the mixing blade design and extraordinary powerful stirring tank make the mixing much easier, more efficient and reliable.


Type LB500 LB750 LB1000
Rated 30-40t/h 50-60t/h 60-80t/h
Cold 4containers 4containers 4containers
 container ×6m3 ×6m3 ×9m3
Dry cylinder 1.1m×4.2m 1.3m×5m 1.5m×6m
Bag CNM156 CNM240 CNM357
Emission 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3
Vibrating 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers
Hot 12t 12t 26t
Mixing kettle 500kg 750kg 1000kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s 45s
Mineral 30t 30t 26+36t
 tank volume
Asphalt tank 30000L 30000L 50000L
Heat 200,000 kcol/h 200,000 kcol/h 300,000 kcol/h
oil stove
End-product 50t 50t 90t

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