Small Mobile Asphalt Plant

small mobile asphalt plant images

Small mobile asphalt plant has the same performance as other asphalt plants, and it distinguishes with others by its small occupancy, flexible movement, high adaptability and delicate appearance. Along with the mushroom growth of economy and secondary areas, it has resulted in a big increase in asphalt mixtures. Obviously, there are lots of small portable […]

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Small Asphalt Plant

small asphalt plant images

Small asphalt plant is especially favored by small building works and companies, which is a delicate set of asphalt production equipment that is applicable for the construction and maintenance of rural house works, walls, low grade roads, squires and etc. Small asphalt batch plant is labelled by small coverage, low investment, delicate structure and comprehensive […]

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Portable Asphalt Plants

portable asphalt plants images

Generally speaking, the storage bin and the stirring pot of portable asphalt plants are equipped with tires, which enable the machine to have convenient site transfer, and it is especially suitable for the building of rural, city roads and low grades of highway engineering. The main characteristic of portable asphalt mixing plant is that it […]

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Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

mobile asphalt drum mix plants

Mobile asphalt drum mix plant mainly includes cold aggregate supply system, combustion system, drum drying system, mixing system, water and dust removal system, asphalt supply system and electric control system. In contrast with intermittent asphalt mixing plant, portable drum mix asphalt plant can realize the continuous production of asphalt mixtures without double calculating and screening. […]

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Mini Portable Asphalt Plant

mini portable asphalt plants

With the increasing development of the highway construction, lots of construction companies try to lower original costs by reducing the transportation cost of the asphalt mixtures, which provide a big development opportunity for mini portable asphalt plant. Asphalt mixtures have been widely used to make asphalt pavement with the advantages of smooth surface, comfortable driving, […]

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Mini Hot Mix Plant

asphalt drum mixing plant images

In response to the national policy of saving energy and resources, our professional technologists created a new mini hot mix asphalt plant that has high working efficiency and high energy utilization rate than traditional asphalt mixing machine after years of efforts. To sum up, mini hot mix plant is an commonly used asphalt production machine, […]

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Mini Asphalt Plant

mini asphalt plants

With the rapid development of socio-economy of secondary cities and areas, it rises a big demand of asphalt mixtures in the road construction engineering. As an efficient asphalt mixtures processing equipment, mini asphalt plant has received lots of attention and recognition. Asphalt mixing plant mini can be used to produce varieties of asphalt mixtures, and […]

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Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

mini asphalt drum mix plants

Along with the increasing development of world economy and the promotion of scientific technology, mini asphalt drum mix plant has wide application among the world. However, mini asphalt drum mix plant has very efficient working in that it can achieve continuous and interrupted producing of asphalt mixtures, and especially, the heating of aggregate and the […]

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Bitumen Mixing Plant

bitumen mixing plants

Bitumen mixing plant fits in with the requirements of various kinds of roads construction and maintenance projects, which has received huge popularity in recent years at home and abroad. Of course, it also has wide application in the construction of bridges, dams, squares, parking lot and airports. In pace with the development of domestic economy […]

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Asphalt Plants for Sale

asphalt plants images

Asphalt plant is an important asphalt mixtures production equipment, and it can fit in with the big demand of the construction of highway, city roads, airports, wharf, parking lot, freight yard, the core wall of the dams and etc. As an excellent asphalt mixtures producing equipment, asphalt plants have won lots of praise and compliment of worldwide […]

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Asphalt Plant China

asphalt plant China images

Accompanied by the constant development of domestic economy and construction industry, more and more asphalt plants manufacturers has come into the competitive market. Generally, aggregate asphalt plant plays an important role in the construction and maintenance of rural, city roads, airports, bridges, ports, squares, parking lot and etc. Asphalt plant sales can blend all raw […]

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Asphalt Mixing Plant China

asphalt mixing plant images

There are lots of asphalt mixing plant manufacturers all over the world, and our company is one of the most well-known asphalt mixing plant suppliers in China. With years of accumulation, our company has developed from little to big, from big to famous and from china to the world, and our asphalt mixing plants have […]

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Asphalt Mix Plant

asphalt mix plants

With the continuous development of domestic economy and the secondary areas, traditional manual asphalt producing techniques can barely fulfill the increasingly demands, which inevitably promote the emerging and development of plant mix asphalt. In general, asphalt mix plant is a commonly seen asphalt manufacturing equipment that has been extensively applied to the building of various […]

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Asphalt Concrete Mixer

asphalt concrete mixers

Asphalt concrete mixer can greatly cover the deficiency of manual operation, which has accurate material weighing, high mixing quality, efficient material availability and high working efficiency. As a first-class asphalt producing equipment, asphalt mixer consists of mixing system, drying system, combustion system, heat storage, thermal material lifting, vibration sieve, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply […]

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Asphalt Batching Plant

asphalt batching plants picture

Along with the rapid development of economic construction, asphalt pavement has wide application in various construction sites. But what is an asphalt batching plant? Generally speaking, asphalt batching plant is one of the key mechanical equipment for asphalt production, which can realize the mass production of asphalt easily and rapidly. Asphalt concrete batching plant can […]

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Asphalt Batch Plant for Sale

asphalt batch plants image

Lots of customers have asked about the asphalt batch plants’ definition, but how does an asphalt batch plant work? What is an asphalt batch plant? Generally speaking, asphalt batch plants are the mechanical machines that are widely used to produce asphalt mixtures, which can satisfy the demand of the construction of city roads, airports, freight […]

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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

asphalt batch mix plants image

What is an asphalt batch mix plant? Asphalt batch mix plant is a construction equipment that can produce asphalt mixtures, modified asphalt mixtures, and colorful asphalt mixtures, which can fully meet the requirements of the construction of highway, classified roads, municipal roads, airports, ports, parking lot, house construction and etc. Batch mix asphalt plant blends […]

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