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The Operation Precautions of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant for Sale

Stabilized soil mixing plant adopts microcomputer control system, which has the characteristics of high adaptability, wide application, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, debugging and maintenance. The equipment can be applied to the construction of high-grade roads, city roads, squares, and airports, which can realize continuous production of gravel, lime stabilized soil and so on. Stabilized soil mixing station can’t fully take its effect without proper operation, and we will explain the factors that they should pay attention to in the production process.

stabilized soil mixing plant for sale

  1. Before using, users should undergo a thoroughly inspection of the internal and external lines to ensure the smooth production of the equipment. The internal and external lines of the plant should be checked carefully to ensure that all lines are insulated well to protect the device. All indicators of the mixing floor should be checked in time to maintain accurate and flexible operation.
  2. There should be platform to protect the railings and sudden accidents in the edge of stabilized soil mixing plant, and it is totally forbidden to repair and maintain the machine in the course of operation. Besides that, no one is allowed to enter into the material warehouse and throw any debris into the mixing hopper. Before operation, users should check the mixing hopper in time, and the upper and lower hopper should be safe and reliable. It is forbidden to put any stone and other iron products into the storage hopper and ensure the completion and normal operation the conveyor belt.

Safe and efficient production can’t be separated from careful operation and daily maintenance. All operators should work together to create efficient and safe production.

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