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Operation Points the Weighing System of Asphalt Batching Plant

In the past, our engineers and workers summarized some experience in operating the weighing system of asphalt mixing plant. In order to help customers obtain the right operation method, we want to share it with global customers, and the specific steps are as the followings:

  1. Turn on electricity

Before turning on electricity, operators should close the air valve of weighing system. After turning on electricity, it is necessary to check whether the touch screen works well or not. If there is something wrong with the screen, operators should adjust it to the normal situation as soon as possible.

  1. Routine Checking

Routine checking is a necessary step before carrying out other steps, and the checking should contain certain items. At first, operators need to design a working situation for each process. Then, they should check whether the target weight of each items are correctly set or not. At the same time, they should make sure that all the gates of weighing system and discharging system are closed.

LB asphalt batch mixing plant


  1. Burdening

At the first three burdening process, operators should adopt single burdening style. That’s because such a burdening style enables operators to check whether all the aggregates are normally supplied or not. If there is something wrong during the burdening process, operators can turn off the power or press down the emergency button to adjust the machine.

  1. Discharging

Once the mixing process is finished, operators must make sure that the discharging bin gate be opened in time. Otherwise, the power current circuit may break down because of the overweight of asphalt.

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