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New Recycling Technology of Asphalt Waste

In recent years, the renovated time of asphalt pavement becomes shorter and shorter, so in the road overhaul construction, there will be a lot of asphalt waste, if piled up, the asphalt wastes not only pollute the environment, but also increase specialized disposal costs. Recycling is a new idea to solve the problem of asphalt waste.

asphalt processing plant image

A professor from Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering led her team studied the emerging low carbon technologies and hot mix asphalt regeneration technology. This technology, is not only aimed to achieve the waste asphalt mixture recycling, but also to maximize the effect of limiting damage to the environment, by lowing production and construction temperature to reduce emissions and protect the environment. The recycled hot mix asphalts can not only repave road, but also have better effect for high-temperature resistance than new asphalts.

This hot mix asphalt recycle technologies will be applied in the drainage pavement, making drainage pavement have more advantages. In such a pavement structure, each of the leakage channel is a gap, it also equipped with a sound-absorbing device. This structure not only can effectively reduce vehicle noise, make road noise reduce 3-4 db than normal, but also increase driving comfort. Besides, it also has good water permeability, which can alleviate the urban water logging to some extent.

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