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Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Mobile asphalt drum mix plant mainly includes cold aggregate supply system, combustion system, drum drying system, mixing system, water and dust removal system, asphalt supply system and electric control system. In contrast with intermittent asphalt mixing plant, portable drum mix asphalt plant can realize the continuous production of asphalt mixtures without double calculating and screening. Generally, the making procedures of mobile asphalt drum mix plants are the same with other equipment. However, after dynamic measurement, the cold aggregate is directly heated in the drying roller, and then it is stirred into the asphalt mixtures in the same mixing drum, which can also achieve continuous feeding and discharging.

mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Portable drum mix asphalt plants is featured by high mixing efficiency and productivity, which can meet the demand of large construction projects and realize flexible site transition in a very short time. On the basis on technology innovation, we provide types of portable drum mix asphalt plant for sale for worldwide customers, and our company has many experienced managers who are talented in equipment production, senior management, sale and after-sale services. We are endeavoring to offer our customers with best services, best products, and we promise that we‘ll maximum your benefits by offering perfect suggestions.

S-LB30 mobile asphalt drum mix plant

Model: SLB-30
Productivity: 30T/H
Weight: 24.5t
Water Pump: 1.1KW
Feeding Capacity: 1.1 m³
Set Power: 93.7KW

Features and Advantages:

  1. The mixing blade has a dynamic and powerful mixing tank, which makes the stirring much easier, more efficient and reliable.
  2. Our machine has simple operation, mobile movement, short site transition time, low transporting costs and easy maintenance.
  3. Our machine has PLC program control and touch screen operation, and it makes the operation and monitoring much easier.
  4. It dries materials by positive rotating and discharging materials by reverse rotating, which can greatly improve the working efficiency.

S-LB30 mobile aspahlt plant delivery

S-LB30 mobile aspahlt plants delivery


Type SLB-30
Production Rate 30 t/h
Feeding Capacity 1.1 m³
Scope Of Application Asphalt mix
Fuel Consumption Diesel oil ,heavy oil:  5~6.5kg/t mixed materials
Set Power 93.7KW
Drying Drum, Mixing Drum 22KW
Bitumen Pump 8KW
Elevators 7.5KW
Electric Handspike 550W
Ventilation And Dust Removal 4KW
Burner 1.1KW
Water Pump 1.1KW
Bitumen Pump Heating Board 0.3KW×2( work before start the plant)
Discharge Heating Board 2000W×3 (intermission work)
Mixture Temperature 80℃ ~ 170℃ (adjust at will)
Dimension Of Mainframe:L×W×H 6280×3500×6000
Weight 24.5t

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