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Methods of Saving Fuel Consumption of Asphalt Mixing Plants

According to large quantities of manufacturing researching, we find that an asphalt mixing plant will consume lots of fuels in the production process. Beston machinery has been devoted to the innovation of asphalt mixing plants for years, and our plants have relatively less fuel consumption comparing with other asphalt plants manufacturers. There is much room to be improved of saving fuel consumption to increase resource utilization. Beston asphalt mixing plant has distinctive features of high working efficiency and low energy consumption. Here are the methods we take to achieve this.

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  1. The burners of Beston plant adopt consume light oil as well as heavy oil.
  2. Beston asphalt plant do not adopt heavy oil and engine oil, and such a design can effectually reduce fuel wasting appearance.
  3. During production process, we have paid great attention to the heating temperature of heavy oil. Only in this way, we can guarantee that the viscosity of heavy oil can adapt to the burner’s working condition.
  4. Many investors are troubled by the problem that oil utilization is quite low in practical construction process. To solve a problem, engineers of Beston Machinery suggest that investors should appoint professional technicians to adjust ratio of air to oil. Too much air will cause the waste of burning oil while too less air may lead low utilization of fuel. Therefore the ratio of filling air to the burner is a significant issue that needs professional technicians to deal with.

Beston Machinery has a long history in the design and manufacturing of asphalt mixing plant. We have abundant experience in saving fuel consumption. If you need more information please contact us and we will give you a reply in a short time.

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