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Matters need attention before starting stabilized soil mixing plant

With the continuous development of science and technology, concrete mixing station, asphalt mixing plant and stabilized soil mixing plant began emerging in the domestic market. Before starting, users usually need to debug or check the relevant details of concrete batching plant, asphalt batching plant or stabilized soil mixing plant. With rich stabilized soil mixing plant production and manufacturing experience, we will share the main debugging items of our stabilized soil mixing plants.

Firstly, check the fastening effect of the bolt. The stabilized soil mixing plant is in a high-power state in the production process, and if the bolt is not fastened, you will find that it is easily to fall apart, which can be very dangerous. The bolts play an important role in security in the production process. If it is not fastened, it may have a significant impact on the safety of the operator. So, users must check and analyze the bolts before starting.

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Secondly, belt idler inspection. If the parts have got sufficient lubrication, the running efficiency will be much higher. If it is not lubricated, one can use some butter to lubricate the belt roller to improve the efficiency of such operations. For other parts of the plant, users need to lubricate the machine once a week for higher operation speed.

Thirdly, check the cable wire leakage. Professional electrician should be available at this time, which can largely avoid the working failure and ensure a safe operation environment.

This is a basic summarization of the debugging items of stabilized soil mixing plants, please contact us if you want to get a free inquiry.

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