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Main Properties of LB Series Asphalt Mixing Plant

Beston Machinery is a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in china, which has long asphalt plants manufacturing experience, and our plants are very popular all over the world. Here, we want to introduce the main properties of LB series asphalt mixing plant.

  1. Cold Aggregates Supplying System

Cold aggregates supplying system adopts unitized design, and the aggregates bins and belt conveyors can be customized according to clients’ requirements. Belt conveyors, which are based on the principle of frequency control principle, can automatically adjust operating speed to satisfy different construction demands.

  1. Drying System

Elevating blades that are elaborately designed form into reasonable and uniform arrangement inside the drying barrel. Outside the dying barrel is the thermal insulation materials which can effectively prevent heat losses and increase heat utilization.

Beston LB asphalt mixing plant


  1. Mixing System

Double-shaft mixing machine can produce even mixture in a short time. Unique discharging system has the characteristics of no dead corners, no leakage and short discharging time. Specially designed mixing blades and liners realize high mixing efficiency and high asphalt quality. Besides that, they are made up of alloy material which has excellent abrasion resistance. Mixing boiler is heated by the conduction oil. Such a special design can not only completely preheat the boiler but also reduce heat losses.

  1. Weighing System

Weighing system adopts load cells which are featured with nice disturbance resisting capacity, high stability and high weighing accuracy. Aggregates weighing system adopts advanced weighing technology to ensure gradation accuracy. Pitch weighing system employs quadratic compensation weighing technology which can increase pitch utilization.

  1. Controlling System

It adopts PLC controlling system that has superior controlling capacity, and the controlling system adopt the same soft system and function which realizes data management, record query and parameters adjustment at the same time.

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