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Classifications of Asphalt Mixtures

Asphalt drum mixing plants have played a vital role in modern road’s construction, however, lots of customers know little about what the asphalt mixtures are made up of. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we want to introduce it to worldwide customers.

Asphalt mixture is a kind of composite material, which is made up of pitch, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates and bulks. The essay will talk about the sorts of asphalt mixture according to different classification standards.

  1. According To Aggregates’ Sorts

Asphalt mixture can be categorized as petroleum pitch mixture and coal pitch mixture. Petroleum pitch contains liquid mixture, emulsive mixture and ropy mixture and it is a key material for road construction projects.

  1. According To the Mixing Temperature

According to mixing temperature, asphalt mixture can be classified as hot mixed asphalt mixture and normal temperature mixed asphalt mixture. For the hot mixed asphalt mixture, pitch and other aggregates need to be mixed with high temperature. And for the other one, normal temperature can satisfy its mixing demand.

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  1. According To Different Specifications

Based on specifications, asphalt mixture can be classified as continuous grading mixture and gap grading mixture.

  1. According To Different Diameters

In accordance with different diameters of aggregates, asphalt mixture can be divided into coarse graded asphalt mixture and fine graded asphalt. For graded asphalt mixture, its largest diameter is about 26.5mm and for the fine asphalt mixture, its largest diameter is about 9.5mm.

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