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The Brief Introduction of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

In general, stabilized soil mixing plant basically includes batching system, mixing system, rotary drying cylinders, combustion system, elevator, shaker, storage silos, weighing system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished product warehouse and electric control system. Stabilized soil mixing plant generally consists of stationary and mobile stabilized soil mixing plant, and it has played an important role in modern construction works at home and abroad.

Stabilized soil mixing plant adopts quicklime, slaked lime, soil, asphalt, sand, fly ash, cement and other raw materials as its raw materials, which has high availability and wide range of application. Besides that, stabilized soil mixing plant has accurate weighting and even mixing, which can meet the production requirements of varieties of construction works. Stabilized soil mixing plant can adapt to highways, urban roads and airports, which has made great contribution to modern roads construction and development.

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The main features of stabilized soil mixing plant

  1. The unique design of the drying drum and mixing drum can save lots of costs and investment for customers.
  2. The whole machine has compact structure, easy operation, efficient mixing and very good performance.
  3. It adopts PLC control system, which has convenient touch screen operation, and it can realize free switching of automatic and manual control.
  4. Our stabilized soil mixing plant has low energy consumption and low emission, which will not damage the environment.
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