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Some Basic Operation Precautions of Stabilized soil mixing plants

Stabilized soil mixing plant has made great contribution to the development of modern urban and rural railways, which can be used to produce high quality and a large quantity stabilized soil mixtures. However, the production quality maybe decreased and the service life of the machine may also be shortened if users operate it in a wrong way. With abundant production and maintenance experience, Beston Machinery will share some basic operation precautions of stabilized soil mixing plants.

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  1. Check whether the bolts tightened or not, especially the stirring blades in the mixer and the vibrator blades of the hoppers.
  2. Check whether there is any deficient in the central belt idler, and whether the rotation position is smooth enough or not. Each bearing of the mixer should be lubricated every four hours, and other parts of the equipment should be lubricated once a day.
  3. Check whether there is adequate material and water in the production process. If has gas line system, please check whether the air compressor is working or not, and the discharging door should be opened and closed easily and smoothly.
  4. It is totally forbidden for operators to be absent from his duty in the production process, which may cause some unnecessary incidents and losses.
  5. The gear compressor should be completely covered to avoid the damage of the machine in rainy days.
  6. Timely check the control cabinet whether there is any water to eliminate the stagnant water around the electric control cabinet in rainy days.