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Basic Information of Beston Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant is also called as bitumen batching plant, which plays a significant role in many road construction projects. To a large extent, its properties can greatly affect quality of road construction. As a professional asphalt plants manufacturer, Beston machinery has never ceased our efforts of constantly developing and improving such an important construction machine. This essay will give some basic information about it.

It can’t deny that asphalt mixing plant is a masterpiece of science and technology, and its components have become more and more reasonable and efficient. Large aggregates (such as dines, grit, coarse sand etc.), powder materials (like cement, coal ash) and additives can be separately managed and prepared for the following mixing process. Redundant moisture concluded in primary materials will be reduced inside the drying barrel.

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To enhance the drying efficiency, aggregates need to be heated and dried for three times inside the barrel. Dust-removing system is employed to filtrate dirt and dust produced during the drying procedure. It is this system that realizes environmentally friendly production. As the most important composition of bitumen mixture, pitch is managed inside its own supplying system. Like other aggregates, it needs to be dried and heated for higher mixing efficiency.

All these ingredients will be weighed and batched in transmission bin which is installed right above the mixing machine. After finishing, the finished products can be transported to different construction sites conveniently. Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about our asphalt mixing plants for sale.

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