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Asphalt Plants for Sale

Asphalt plant is an important asphalt mixtures production equipment, and it can fit in with the big demand of the construction of highway, city roads, airports, wharf, parking lot, freight yard, the core wall of the dams and etc. As an excellent asphalt mixtures producing equipment, asphalt plants have won lots of praise and compliment of worldwide clients, and it can make greater contribution to the development and improvement of your construction works. In addition, asphalt production plant has high availability, high stability, flexible operation and high reliability, and it is undoubted that asphalt manufacturing plant can be very helpful.

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After appreciating and absorbing world advanced producing technology, our company has produced our own products that have distinct features, and we offer many asphalt plants for sale by now. Our Asphalt mix design is unique and the asphalt production process is simpler than products produced by other asphalt plant manufacturers. The asphalt plant parts adopt strong wear-resistant materials, which can greatly ensure the service life and smooth operation of the equipment. In contrast with similar domestic products, our asphalt plant price is affordable and our machine still have excellent performance.

Features and Advantages:

  1. It has delicate structure, affordable price, good performance, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. The machine has free switch of automatic computer or manual control, which make the operation process much easier and more reliable.
  3. The bag dust is put on the top of the drying roller, which can reduce the heat losses, saving fuel and space.
  4. The whole machine adopts modular design, which makes the installation and operation more convenient.


Model LB40 LB80 LB100 LB120 LB160
Rated capacity 40T/H 80T/H 100T/H 120T/H 160T/H
Mixer volume 500kg 1000kg 1300kg 1500kg 2000kg
vibration screen single axle circle vibrating screen
Fuel consumption 6.5kg/t finished product
Fuel type Heavy/Light oil
Control mode Manual/Automatic
weighting precision Aggregate:±0.5%, Mineral:±0.5%, Bitumen:±0.3%

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