LB 40T-175T Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

stationary asphalt mixing plants

Stationary asphalt mixing plant can mostly answer the demand of big construction engineering, which can efficiently produce types of asphalt mixtures through accurate weighting and even mixing of various raw materials in a certain appropriation. In general, it basically consists of cold aggregate supply system, hot aggregate elevating system, aggregate screening System, aggregate weighting system, […]

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YLB 20T-100T Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale

mobile asphalt plant for sale images

Mobile asphalt plant is an efficient and convenient asphalt producing equipment that is well-known for its short transporting time, flexible site transition, high availability and stable performance. As a general rule, mobile asphalt mixing plant has accurate weighting and even mixing, which can ensure the stable quality of asphalt mixtures. Mobile hot mix plant undergoes […]

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LB 40T-160T Asphalt Plant for Sale

asphalt mixing plant images

Asphalt mixing plant is a fully-equipped asphalt processing equipment, which is an ideal equipment to continuously produce asphalt mixtures. Asphalt concrete plant can perfectly fulfil the construction and maintenance of highways, high-class roads, parking lot, airports, rural roads, ports and so on. As a well-known asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in our country, our asphalt mixer […]

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LB 40T-200T Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

asphalt hot mix plants

What is a hot mix asphalt plant? Hot mix asphalt batch plant is an ideal asphalt processing equipment that connects every independent part of the machine together, such as cold storage unit, drying drum, burner, hot aggregate hoist, vibration sieve, metering system, stirring cylinder, finished product silo, asphalt heating system, dust removal system, powder feeding […]

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LB 40T-160T Asphalt Drum Mixers

Asphalt Drum Mixer

Asphalt drum mixer is a set of asphalt mixing machine that is basically composed by belt feeding machine, cold material transmission sieve, inclined belt conveyor, heating tube system, fuel injection combustion system, dust remover, chain bucket, vibrating screen, aggregate storage bin, weighing hopper, aggregate measurement, finished storage bin and control system. Asphalt drum mixers can […]

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LB100 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt drum mix plant is a complete set of mechanical equipment that is used to produce various kinds of asphalt mixtures. The function of asphalt drum mixing plant is to mix different sizes of gravel, particles, natural and broken sand in a certain proportion, and then blends it with appropriate proportion of hot asphalt and […]

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