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LB 40T-200T Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

What is a hot mix asphalt plant? Hot mix asphalt batch plant is an ideal asphalt processing equipment that connects every independent part of the machine together, such as cold storage unit, drying drum, burner, hot aggregate hoist, vibration sieve, metering system, stirring cylinder, finished product silo, asphalt heating system, dust removal system, powder feeding system, control system, pneumatic system and so on. How does a hot mix asphalt plant work? Generally speaking, hot mix plants blend different sizes of aggregate and different ratios of asphalt in a certain temperature to produce even asphalt mixtures. Hot mixing plant exhibits its advantages and importance by the extensively application to various roads construction, airports, wharf, parking lot and etc.

asphalt hot mix plant

Hot asphalt mixing plant plays a vital role in various asphalt pavement construction, and the performance of hot mix asphalt batch plant can directly affects the quality of asphalt mixtures and the operation schedules of your construction works. With the help of hot mix asphalt batching plant, your erection time, labor and costs can be greatly reduced. Being one of the most famous asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers, our hot mix asphalt plant design is unique and appropriate, and we offer many hot mix asphalt plants for sale for customers to choose, and our portable hot mix asphalt plant for sale has won the praise of worldwide customers with its stable performance, affordable price and high productivity.

asphalt drum plant

Model: LB500
Rated capacity: 40T/H
Mixing Kettle Capacity: 500kg
Mixing Cycle: 45s
Hot Aggregate Container: 12t
Dry Cylinder: 1.1m×4.2m

asphalt drum plants

Model: LB750
Rated capacity: 60T/H
Mixing Kettle Capacity: 750kg
Mixing Cycle: 45s
Hot Aggregate Container: 12t
Dry Cylinder: 1.3m×5m

LB1000 asphalt drum mix plant

Model: LB1000
Rated capacity: 80T/H
Mixing Kettle Capacity: 1000kg
Mixing Cycle: 45s
Hot Aggregate Container: 26t
Dry Cylinder: 1.5m×6m

asphalt drum mixing plant

Model: LB1500
Rated capacity: 120T/H
Mixing Kettle Capacity: 1500kg
Mixing Cycle: 45s
Hot Aggregate Container: 26t
Dry Cylinder: 1.8m×7m

Features and Advantages:

  1. Our equipment has high degree of automation, which can rule out working breakdowns and failures in time.
  2. The optimized structure of the mixing system can effectively improve asphalt mixing quality and efficiency.
  3. The aggregate drying and heating system adopt the special burner that has high technical performance and good fuel atomization.
  4. Our machine adopts the most advanced technology, which has low working noises and high degree of environment protection.

Successful Cases: 

asphalt drum mix plant delivery

asphalt drum mix plants delivery


Type LB500 LB750 LB1000 LB1500
Rated production 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 120t/h
Cold aggregate container 4containers 4containers 4containers 4containers
×6m3 ×6m3 ×9m3 ×9m3
Dry cylinder 1.1m×4.2m 1.3m×5m 1.5m×6m 1.8m×7m
Bag dust-remover CNM156 CNM240 CNM357 CNM476
Emission standard 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3 50mg/nm3
Vibrating screen 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers 4 layers
Hot aggregate container 12t 12t 26t 26t
Mixing kettle capacity 500kg 750kg 1000kg 1500kg
Mixing cycle 45s 45s 45s 45s
Mineral powder tank volume 30t 30t 26+36t 26+36t
Asphalt tank volume 30000L 30000L 50000L 50000L
Heat conduction oil stove 200,000 kcol/h 200,000 kcol/h 300,000 kcol/h 300,000 kcol/h
End-product container volume 50t 50t 90t 90t

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