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LB100 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt drum mix plant is a complete set of mechanical equipment that is used to produce various kinds of asphalt mixtures. The function of asphalt drum mixing plant is to mix different sizes of gravel, particles, natural and broken sand in a certain proportion, and then blends it with appropriate proportion of hot asphalt and mineral powders under the specified temperature to produce asphalt mixtures. The asphalt mixtures produced by drum mix asphalt plant have strong intensity, high density, certain plasticity, good water stability, good durability, long service life and greater resistance to natural factors and environments. Asphalt drum plant is a perfect asphalt production equipment, which can be very helpful for the construction of rural and city roads, highway, freight yard, parking lot, dams, airports and so on.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

It is very important to select the right asphalt drum mix supplier, which can largely support your business and guide your site construction. As a professional asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer and exporter, we offer many asphalt drum mix plants for sale, and the price of asphalt drum mix plant is very reasonable. Besides that, the asphalt drum mix plant process is very handy, flexible and simple. With years of production experience, our asphalt drum mix plants have unique design, compact structure, excellent performance and high productivity. It is no doubt that our products are your best selection.

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Model: LB100
Rated Capacity: 100T/H
Mixer Volume: 1300kg
Fuel Consumption: 6.5kg/t finished product
Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
Control Mode: Manual/Automatic

Features and Advantages:

  1. The layout of dry roller is more reasonable, which has strong heat preservation and absorption, and it can greatly improve overall thermal efficiency and avoid heat losses.
  2. Our machine adopts modular design, which has convenient transportation and site transition.
  3. The equipment of our machine is more complete, which includes all kinds of additives and other auxiliary equipment.
  4. It has high degree of automation, which makes our machine having convenient operation, low operation breakdowns and easy maintenance.

Successful Cases: 

LB100 asphalt drum mixing plant delivery

LB100 asphalt drum mixing plants delivery


LB100 asphalt drum mix plant
Rated capacity 100T/H Standard condition
Total power 272.92kw Standard configuration
Cold aggregate kinds 4
Rated drying capacity 100T/H 5% moisture
Mixing cycle 45S
Mixer volume 1300kg
vibration screen single axle circle vibrating screen Four-deck
Fuel consumption 6.5kg/t finished product
Fuel type Heavy/ Light oil Coal burner is optional
Control mode Manual/ Automatic
Finished product temperature 140-180°C
Aggregate weighting precision ±0.5% Dynamic
Mineral weighting precision ±0.5% Dynamic
Bitumen weighting precision ±0.3% Dynamic
Dust control way Bag house dust collector
Exhaust emission concentration 20mg/Nm3
Finished product bin Bottom placed/side placed Optional

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